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This presented album is a monumental piece to the puzzle. On a cold winter night in Jamaica-Queens in the late quarter of 1998, what started as a simple play of satire, grew and flowered into a quintessential body of work. That night great minds conspired to bring about what could be the most herald, most anticipated album of the pre-millenia and decades to come. With guest appearances from high capacity minds and close mates like Micah Freeman and Father, to special auditory stimulating vocals from the lovely siren-esque India Shawn and The RedFox, we oblige that you check out what we have hand crafted over a span of a monolithic 5 days of grueling work. So without further adieu SUPERBUDDAH and Awfully Creative present: Watch The Couch.


released August 8, 2011

Mixing and Mastering by ETHEREAL. Production creds to Introspective Minds,'Spacegod' KeithCharles Spacebar and Alexa Lima as 'E8GHTFXLD', and The Supernatural. Alexa Lima as Executive Producer and backing on keys. Steve Jones and Winston Lord as 'Introspective Minds.' Micah Freeman the MC. Morian Thomas and Centel Mangum of Awfully Creative. Father. My secret weapon Makeda 'The RedFox' Johnson. Rena G The G and India 'Shine' Shawn of Young Baby ENT as 'The Gemini.' The magnificent Pash Lima on the cover artwork. Thumbs Up ATL and Slumerican Records. Watch The Couch nigga.



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SUPERBUDDAH Atlanta, Georgia

SUPERBUDDAH is composed of the ATLien ETHEREAL and Tampa native KeithCharles Spacebar. Their highly acclaimed “Watch The Couch” was their first project as the super group, though they feature many times on each other’s solo work. They are currently at work. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: No Party For Free
Ethereal don't do no party for free, nah, Spacebar don't do no party for free, unh uh. E8GHTFXLD don't do no party for free, nah, I.M. don't do no party for free, unh uh.
Track Name: Adderall f. The RedFox
In this world of who do who, and who do what and when, It always seems like they just sleep on me like Ambien.
Well here's your wake up call wake yo' ass and watch your mouth, for the God who is the life vest for the Durty South.
Track Name: Tomorrow f. Rena G
Ayo she asked me what I want and I said hold it down, Fa sho she simply replied as I turned around.
Don't Worry , Let it go , Let it go , let it go
Track Name: SUPERBUDDAH (Ridin Wit No Tint/Southern Classic) f. The Gemini
Haters wish they could feel they could feel the wood in my 83', ridin' wit no tint so the mothafucka know its me.